I’m Emma. A UX designer, artist and pleasure seeker.

Armed with a sketchbook, philosophy on experimentation and brain full of strange ideas, I have decided to share my thoughts and experiences as I attempt to scratch my own itch in the emerging arena of immersive experiences.

I have just become a resident at Fusebox immersive labs in Brighton, UK exploring storytelling and games through VR, AR and AI.

Update Feb 2021: I had just started at Fusebox, when the pandemic struck which put this project on hold (hence one entire year of no posts!). Inspired by my nieces and nephews I turned my hand to things I could make by myself and started Bored Games. A free resource of inspiring games, playful activities and invention challenges (that I have either made up or played as a child) for bored kids and their families stuck at home.

Two heads are better than one

If you would like to chat about collaboration please get in touch