Sensory spaghetti

A Punchdrunk encounter.

I board the train at Paddington. Dreamlike images and rhythmic sounds dance around my mind like sensory spaghetti. What had I just experienced? 

I recall the anticipation and the build up. Was it real? 

Feeling my way through the blackness.  The red light in the distance. Finally the door opens, then…Who are all these people? I can not see their faces.  

I follow the flow still unsure of what is happening or what I should do. Then…Am I allowed to go here? To touch this? To crawl through this opening? And then…the feeling of freedom, adventure. Connecting with my inner child. 

It clicks. I understand and submit to the experience.

I had just encountered Punchdrunk for the first time and it felt amazing. Like an insatiable raver at the end of their first Ibiza all nighter. Hooked and still buzzing, I wanted more.

I needed to be part of this incredible new world of immersive experiences.

My journey starts with this blog.

Emma Smith

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